No one loves homework. Having a tight schedule makes it even worse. Many students feel overwhelmed and have little time & energy to finish their assignments. Here are some tips to help you finish your after-class assignments quicker and with less stress.

The Best Homework Tips

  • Make a list of your assignments and plan well
  • Many students begin their homework without a plan. They simply grab the first book they have in their backpack. Sometimes, the first thing that comes to mind is what they do. You can calculate the time it will take to complete all of the tasks by compiling a list. A clear plan allows you to move faster without having to take breaks to decide what task is next. As the list gets smaller, you will feel more satisfied when you cross it off.

  • All your homework and supplies can be placed in your workspace
  • Students notice when their paper is empty while doing homework. Students often want to use a specific pencil, pen, or calculator. It’s easy to find the right tools and materials to complete your homework when you have a list of assignments. You should keep them handy at work so that you can easily access them when required.

  • You can work in a quiet space with no distractions
  • It is important to find a space that does not have interruptions such as the TV. The TV on can make homework feel tedious and long-winded. Find a quieter place, away from the TV and clutter. You will have more time to do other activities and your homework will be done faster if you complete it earlier.

  • Do not use your phone
  • Your phone is a distraction! This is something that most students won’t agree with. However, students lose concentration every time they check their texts and respond to notifications. They spend more time doing homework than on any other activity.

  • Listen to classical music while doing homework
  • This might seem a little too practical and uninteresting. A classical song can be soothing and beautiful as background music. You won’t be distracted by the beat or lyrics. Research has shown that classical music listeners do better at school.

  • Drink water and have some snacks
  • It might take you longer for school to complete if you continue with your homework right after school. Most likely, you are mentally and physically exhausted. You should drink lots of water and eat healthy, light snacks. This helps to refresh your brain and body. Sugary snacks such as cakes and sodas can make you feel sleepy.

  • You can take a break while you do your homework
  • Mental burnout can be caused by too much homework and not enough breaks. To stretch, take a few breaks between each assignment. Your brain will be refreshed. For your mind and body to be healthy, a five-minute break suffices.

  • Get incentives for completing your homework
  • A prize for completing homework faster will help you focus and give you more energy. You can get ice cream or playtime with your friends.


It isn’t easy to do your homework alone. We have provided the best tips to help you do it. These tricks will make it much easier and more fun.