Keep it Short

Keeping the homework short and broken down into manageable pieces of 10 minutes stint a day instead of doing bulky work that is hard to manage. This helps one to avoid wandering off as it has to be done in short stints that don’t require a lot of time consumption. Keeping it light and focused on specific points helps make the homework fun to do. 

Use a Timer

One of the new ways to get homework done is by use of a race timer. The timer enables students to keep pace and be able to complete the homework in time and also keep focused on the assigned work.

When a timer is set and a task has to be completed under the stipulated time, there is self-awareness and competition to beat the time otherwise it will be a failure to the student.

Wear Them Out

Physical activities help to load off some energy and wear out the body. Moderate physical exercise helps the body to move. Encouraging pupils to engage in physical exercise and supporting them through the exercise is important to get them into a rhythm. This physical exercise helps the body and mind to refocus after a heavy load of energy is disposed of.

Maintaining Positive Energy

Focusing on positivity is brings out the best outcome from homework. This helps to bring focus and concentration while doing your homework. Pointing out the positive to the child will drive them to do even better to prove that they are good at it. As hard as homework can be, pointing out positive feedback throughout the homework gives extra motivational strength that boosts the morale and mental energy to keep the child going and continue with the assignment.

Give Up

When there is no progress whatsoever in your homework after spending a lot of time, the best strategy is to give up everything and leave for some significant moment before resuming. This can be tricky for young kids at the elementary and lower school level as they tend to switch off fully and resuming to the task becomes difficult. Giving up on a task and resuming it later helps the student to freshen up the mind and come to the task when the frustrations have reduced and the mental strength is restored to do the task.

Eat Fish A lot

Strange as it sounds, eating fish is very helpful as it contains useful oil supplements. Although it has not been scientifically proven, there has been some research that supports the fact fish is rich in important oils that can help one to improve on focus and concentration. This has proven to be true for some parents who have observed this in their home experiments with their children. There must be scientific evidence for the above but it has been cited to work by several parents on their kids at home.